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Thanks for coming to my website.


Each of us comes with individual likes and dislikes: food, politics, reading material, sports, music, movies and paintings. My motive in painting is not to convey personal angst or hidden messages. I recognize my works may not set the art world on fire or blaze new and uncharted creative paths, however, like a siren’s call, certain images during my life’s journey speak to me to paint them. I hope they speak to you, too. 


I have experimented with oil painting, over these few years, on canvas, paper, and metal before landing on my media of choice - Luan wood veneer. Luan is a wonderful smooth surface that also provides interesting variation and texture. This foundation imbues my detailed and colorful works with a wholly unique look. I love how the wood grain interplays with the paint and gives an extra dimension to the pieces. 


My process involves: sanding, prepping, sealing, and staining the surface, then layering 3 to 4 thin coats of color and finally sealing the surface with a finish.

I have painted landscapes, polo matches, Springer Spaniels, Dory boat competitions, flowers, and Egyptian family. 


If you would to like to acquire prints of my pieces, please contact me.  Again, thank you.


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